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 Some Other Classes

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PostSubject: Some Other Classes   Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:32 am

Yuusya(勇者)aka The Hero
Wizards that are given immense powers from Earth herself. They exist solely to protect the Earth from the imminent danger.
Kyouka-ningen (強化人間) aka "Killing Machine"
Artificial enhanced human that enforced their bodies and/or minds for higher combat strength. Possesses strong physical abilities.
Majyutsushi (魔術師) aka Magus
The stereotypical "sorcerers" so to say, specializing in spellcasting and pure magic by using magical books as weapons.
Seisyokusya (聖職者) aka Exorcist
Divine soldiers who are given demon-slaying powers by heavenly blessings. Note that they are not the so-called "priests" that cast healing spells.
Onmyouji (陰陽師) aka "Card Master"
Dressed in traditional Japanese Shinto dress, they have the ability to summon spiritual beasts by using spell cards called jufus. Kimei Gakuen, the high school set in the game, permits them to attend school in their Shinto dresses instead of the standard uniforms.
Maken-tsukai (魔剣使い) aka Sword Master
Wizards who possess a magic sword as their life-partner. As they gain experience and become more powerful, so do their mystical swords.
Ninja (忍者)
Modern-day ninjas specializing in spying and assassination.
Shito (使徒) aka Apostle
Deciples sent by the higher beings such as gods and guardians. They take the form of winged angels.
Kyuuketsuki (吸血鬼) aka Vampire
The legendary vampires that prey on humans for their blood.
Mamono-tsukai (魔物使い) aka Tamer
Wizards that tame monsters as their partners.
Jinzou-ningen (人造人間) aka Homunculus
Beings artificially created by humans. Includes clones and robots.
Jinrou (人狼) aka Werewolf
The children of nature who can take the form of humans and wolves.
Ryuu-tsukai (龍使い) aka Kung-fu Master
Wizards specialized in controlling their Ki for combat. Often they are martial artists.
Ooinaru-mono (大いなる者) aka Great One
They are divine beings; often gods that existed from the ancient ages. They often do not possess their original powers and memories, which mean they start out at the same level as other characters.
Tenseisya (転生者) aka "Returner"
Transmigrator, Ancient soldiers reincarnated into the modern age. They wield ancient relics and weapons more powerful than most conventional modern magical weapons.
Yume-tsukai (夢使い) aka Dream Hunter
Wizards specialized in controlling people's dreams and minds.
Sinma-syoukanshi (侵魔召喚士) aka Emulator summoner
They contracted Demon lords of Rikai and can conjure the power of Demon lords.
Otoshigo (落とし子)
Dark heroes called spawns of Demon lords. They are successors of a part of power of Demon lords.
Inousya (異能者) aka Mutant
New style wizards who possess psychic power instead of magic.
Samurai (侍)
Traditional Japanese swordsman. In "Kimei Gakuen", the head girl of school committee for discipline is a typical samurai character who wears a Shinsengumi-like costume.
Sen'nin (仙人) aka Taoist
They are ascetics who have becoming immortal as their principal life goal committed to Chinese taoism.
Renkinjyutsushi (錬金術師) aka Alchemist
They are specialist Wizards in using magic devices including Brooms.

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Some Other Classes
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