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 king croc

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King Croc
webmaster/king of shiroi
webmaster/king of shiroi
King Croc

Number of posts : 830
Age : 25
marriage/dating/engaged(rp wise) : meh likes some1 but me will never tell who:P
kingdom : shiroi
Registration date : 2008-07-29

Character sheet
Weapon: shiroijemu
Class: Paladin

PostSubject: king croc   Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:27 pm

Name: king croc


Weapon preference sword staff n magic


history:Croc was both in a small town that was atked by bandits every month. He started training to use a sword when he was 5 started w/ a small dagger. He trained to fite n kill the banits for 5 years at age 10 he was given a sword by his parnets w/ his name n the hilt n a gem in the middle of the hilt. with this he proudly waited 4 the banits 2 come. when they did croc bravely run in2 battle w/ some villagers following him. At the end of the day croc killed the leader of the banits w/ some villagers lost. At age 11 he want 2 a large kingdom hoping for a better life to support his family. At age 12 he started as a squire hoping to b a knight one day. At age 14 he became a knight. At age 20 he become king of shiroi


Equipment and belongingsa 5 year old sword that he had sense he got it from his parnets, armor like avi(its just regular steel armor), a sheild(in avi) bag of food medicine,clothing, matchs, laturans, n a amulet(just a plain amulet nothing special)


family Or warrior clan:KIng of shiroi

Please keep them in reason with your class
Class skills
u can have 1 10
1 9 n the others 1-8

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king croc
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