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 Talon Leyvan

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Talon Leyvan

Talon Leyvan

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Talon Leyvan   Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:09 pm

Name:Talon Leyvan

class:Leyvan Duelist.

Weapon preference:Sword,S skill Level.

Appearence:((Future Avatar. ^_^))

History:Leyvan Was A member of the Leyvan Dueling Clan Before they we're Killed By An assassin Hired by A Rival Clan. He Was The Only One Who Escaped,Training and Taking Care of Himself In The forest Untill He Was 16. He hopped From Town to town as A Mercenary Until He Was 21,Then Resting And Generally Staying Low Until he was 22,Now Getting Back into The Mercenary Game.

Alignment:Generally good,But Has Moments When He Slips and Loses his Self control For a bit.

Equipment and belongings:Leather Satchel containing Medicine,Clothes,An Odd Looking Small Book and a Grindstone.


family Or warrior clan:Last Member Of The Layvan Clan Of Duelist's
Skills:Sword mastery:Able to Use Swords Of any Type,age or Skill Not Affecting.
Weak Point:Able to Search For Weak Point On opponent.
Leyvan Critical:A Leyvan Special Ability,This Skill Allows The User To Perform A Limb Removing Or Decapitating Move Once Per Battle.
((Easily Dodged.))
Spirit Of The Sword:Allows A Leyvan To Charge His Sword Up Using His Inner Spirit,Increasing Damage And Adding A burning affect.
Leyvan Dash:Allows A Leyvan To Increase His speed And Dex By two,Decreasing His Strength By The same Amount.

Class skills






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PostSubject: Re: Talon Leyvan   Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:11 pm

approved and im keeping this topic up for an example to future members

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Talon Leyvan
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